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Property Management - Overview

What is Property Management?

Property management encompasses all aspects of running an income property, from finding and screening tenants to maintaining the property, collecting rent, and handling any issues that arise.

While some professional property managers specialize in certain types of services, most are prepared to take full responsibility for your property unless you'd prefer to handle certain things yourself.


Property Management can make owning rental properties a hassle-free experience.

For most, the decision to use a professional property management is a simple cost/benefit equation. Not only are professional property managers experts at handling properties and tenants, they generally take only a small percentage of your property's monthly rent in exchange for their services. When you consider what you get in return a hassle-free, essentially passive income stream the decision to employ a professional property management is a no-brainer for the majority of rental property owners.

While the right property manager can greatly benefit any rental property owner, you might especially want to consider hiring a property manager if any of the following things are true:

  • You live further than a couple of neighborhoods away from your rental property
  • You're not a home maintenance guru
  • You don't have at least 10-12 hours per month to deal with tasks related to your rental property
  • You don't want to have to make yourself constantly available in case of emergency
  • You don't have a good working knowledge of landlord-tenant law
  • You don't ever want to have to worry about dealing with difficult or non-paying tenants

Our Services

Our team of Property Managers regularly monitors activities to ensure they meet quality standards. They are also responsible for all aspects of management including, where appropriate, the appointment of a Concierge and site staff to handle the day to day running of the development, as well as appointing contractors to carry out cleaning, gardening, repairs, maintenance and redecorations. Major items of maintenance are monitored by the Property Manager to an agreed specification.

Your dedicated Property Manager and a team of qualified accountants will prepare the Summary of Expenditure for each development's financial year. Independent auditors certify expenditure annually to ensure that we have complied with Legislation.

Our Services includes

  • Regularly visit site to ensure all buildings and grounds are in good order and all services are working properly.
  • Liaise with residents on all matters dealing with any questions, queries and complaints.
  • Arrange day-to-day maintenance and appoint contractors and on-site staff when necessary.
  • Prepare specifications, tender and supervise specific projects.
  • Negotiate, renew and maintain specialist's contracts.
  • Facilitate and attend if necessary Resident Association meetings and other relevant management meetings.
  • Provide financial planning for future repairs and cyclical works.
  • Maintain up to date registers of leaseholders/tenants and all appropriate property records.