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Mergers and Acquisitions - Amalgation of Companies

Amalgamation is defined as a simple arrangement or reconstruction of business. It is a process that involves combining of two or more companies as either absorption or as blend. Two or more companies can either be absorbed by an entirely new firm or a subsidiary powered by one of the basic firm. In such cases all the shareholders of the absorbed company automatically become the shareholders of the ruling company as the amalgamating company loses its existence. All the assets and liabilities are also transferred to the new entity.

Amalgamation has given different forms to different actions in due course of the merger taking place. It can either be classified in the nature of merger or in the nature of purchase. If the process takes place in the nature of merger then the all assets, liabilities, and shareholders holding not less than 90% of equity shares are automatically transferred to the new company or the holding company by virtue of the amalgamation.

When amalgamation takes place in nature of purchase then the assets and liabilities of the company are taken over by the ruling company. All the properties and characteristics of amalgamating company should vest with the other company. Even the shareholders holding shares not less than 75% should transfer their shares to the transferee company. In such a case any company does not purchase the business resulting in a takeover, the transferor company does not completely lose its existence.